Studio Vanni Fiori & Associates has got a team of qualified and experienced people.


The studio's owner, surveyor Vanni Fiori, graduated from the Technical Institute for Surveyors of Olbia in 1965. In the same year he took a regional course in topography, earning excellent marks. In addition to his high level of skills in design and planning, he thus also demonstrated prowess with tacheometric surveys. This specialisation allowed him to immediately become more familiar with maps in general, including cadastral maps.

The owner has managed the Porto Cervo studio of architect Luigi Vietti since 1970. The studio has got solid, profitable professional relationships with many well-known local and continental architects.


Since its early days, Mr Vanni has closely worked with prestigious architectural studios in the Olbia area, such as: Kroke, Polese, De Marchi, Gamondi, Pianon, Couelle, Schneck, Busiri-Vici and Vietti. A solid, profitable professional relationship developed between the studio and the famous architect Luigi Vietti, and the studio sees to many of his works.


Studio Vanni Fiori & Associates is composed of a staff of competent and highly specialised technicians. Its owners include: Vanni Fiori, Paolo Liberti and Angelo Pileri. Its internal and external collaborators include: Fiorella Fiori (fine arts professor), Daniele Casaleggio (surveyor) and Alessandra Desteghene (surveyor).

Furnishings and interior design
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